OzUrban Australia: Press Release June 19 2014


OzUrban, a new Online Furniture Company Launched

Press Release: June 19, 2014 - New onlinefurniture company, OzUrban, recently launched with a promotion of special sales. The company’s mission is to offer the most affordable outdoor furniture.

As part of its special sales promotion, OzUrban’s unique and innovative product offerings include outdoorsettings and bench seats, currently their most popular products. Their unique designs for small space saving furniture are also set to become very attractive to people living in apartments and smaller homes.

“There is a big movement of people from big suburban houses to smaller apartments and small homes in Australia because of the price of living and less upkeep requirements for little homes. Because of this, they have little space and our products, such as the Hideaway Set, will be perfect for them. There aren’t many options around for small apartmentliving, and the current products are very expensive, so we are competitive,” explains OzUrban CEO Matthew Sills.

OzUrban offers unique products that are delivered in a flat pack box, which helps cut down on shipping and handling costs. The products are very easy to assemble and can be placed around the alfresco, patio, balcony, pool and garden. The furniture is made from sustainably sourced timber and hardwood, which is great for the environment. Designed with a modern feel, comfortable and solid, with a sturdy structure, the products also come with a 3 month guarantee on quality.

“Our ambitious agenda for 2014 includes plans to use our low overheads to undercut all other furniture companies with very reasonably priced products,” adds Sills. “We aim to keep our prices as low as possible, passing on savings to our customers. We plan to continue importing an extensive range of outdoor furniture and décor that offers our customers a great choice of modern home products at the very best price.”

OzUrban is based in Australia, which is a great market for outdoor living products because of the outdoor lifestyle of Australians and the excellent weather.

“Australia is an expensive country, and big retail companies have bulk buying power to undercut the smaller competitors. We may be a family business trying to compete with these big companies, but we are still able to offer better prices than them.”

About OzUrban

OzUrban is an Australian-owned and family run online furniture company, based in Brisbane, Queensland. The company has a warehouse from which customers can pick up orders, and it also offers affordable shipping services within Australia. Another related family business in housing supplies helps manage storage and import costs. OzUrban aims to become Australia’s leading online store specializing in affordable outdoorfurniture

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