Wood Options for Your Outdoor Furniture June 22 2014

Wood Options for Your Outdoor Furniture

Wood is arguably the most popular material used in the construction of outdoor furniture. There are many wooden furniture options available today that may be used as garden furniture, patio furniture or balcony furniture. Furniture items include wooden tables, patio lounge chairs, outdoor benches and outdoor tables. These items may be constructed from hardwoods, softwoods and composites.


Hardwoods are considered the highest quality woods, which makes them the most expensive of all wood types for outdoor furniture in Sydney. The five most commonly used hardwoods for timber furniture construction are teak, oak, mahogany, cherry, maple and walnut. The natural colors of these woods vary from dark to light, which makes them ideal for outdoor furniture in Melbourne. The advantage of hardwood for outdoor furniture in Brisbane is that it does not bend or warp easily, unlike the softwoods. This is why it is a popular choice for outdoor furniture at the Sunshine Coast and for other furniture types in most homes. Hardwoods for outdoor settings such as teak furniture may either be stained or painted for finishing.


While cheap outdoor furniture from softwood is generally less expensive than the hardwood pieces, they require extra care and maintenance. This is because such cheap furniture is less durable and therefore tends to dent or scratch easily. You will also miss out on the attractive grains of the hardwoods that stain beautifully, should you opt to buy outdoor furniture made from softwood. One of the most commonly used softwoods for outdoor living furnitureis pine. This type of discount furniture is mainly used as shelving because it does not readily accept paint. Softwoods used for furniture are typically designated as “appearance” lumber at online furniture stores, and include most softwood lumber which has been custom milled to a pattern, or otherwise surfaced on all four sides.


If you are on a budget and looking to save costs, consider the composites when selecting your outdoor furniture online. You can buy gardenfurniture made from composite manufactured woods such as plywood, particle board and hardboard, which tend to be cheaper than the naturally grown woods. It is also possible to buy furniture online from a range of varying surface finishes. 

You may opt for simple lines and distinct decorative front patterns, which are ideal for contemporary outdoor furniture. Alternatively, go for delicate, soft lines combined with deep, subdued shades of brown to create an atmospheric composition. Shop at OzUrban for high quality wooden outdoor furniture today!