How to chose an Outdoor Bench July 07 2014

How to Choose an Outdoor Bench

A garden bench provides you with a great place to sit when you need to relax and admire your garden. At night, you are able to gaze up at the stars while sitting on your comfortable outdoor bench. Below are some useful tips to remember when selecting the right bench for your outdoor furniture on sunshine coast.

Outdoors Design

When selecting outdoor furniture in Sydney, be sure to evaluate the design of your garden, patio, balcony or outdoors. For your outdoor furniture in Melbourne, go for a bench whose colours will effectively complement or contrast the existing design scheme in your outdoor settings.


Measure the area in which you intend to place the cheap outdoor furniture bench. Factor in the presence of plants, as you measure the area. If you have young bushes or trees, consider how large they are likely to grow.


Select a good material for your wooden furniture bench – preferably high quality timber furniture or teak furniture. If your garden already contains an abundance of white outdoor furniture in Brisbane, select light-colored wooden furniture such as timber furniture or teak furniture. Alternatively, you may go for cheap outdoor furniture benches with a darkly stained finish for a different look that still matches your existing outdoor living décor.


Buy outdoor furniture benches in a material that will complement your budget. If you buy garden furniture at online furniture stores in mahogany, this will typically cost you more than cedar. The good news is that there is a good choice of outdoor benches available today at reasonable prices.

Special Features

For added comfort, when shopping for outdoor furniture online, choose benches with cushions that are water-resistant. While such cushions are typically designed for use outdoors, be sure to take them indoors during the heavy rains or wintry months. If you don’t want this responsibility of taking in cushions during adverse weather or having to wash them when they get dirty, avoid purchasing cushions with your bench.

Extra Conveniences

Some patio furniture or balcony furniture benches may also be used as additional storage. In such a case, the cheap furniture bench would have a fold-up seat that covers the storage box. Other discount furniture benches even have trays on either side for guests to place their food and drinks while seated on the bench. Don’t be left behind, buy furniture online today and walk away with a great looking outdoor bench!

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