Oil Treatment

How to Oil and Treat your outdoor timber furniture

Regular maintenance by using the following methods below will help prolong the life of your outdoor timber furniture:


  • We recommend that all seasonal outdoor furniture is covered and stored in a dry location during varying weather conditions and during the winter period.
  • Please apply wood treatment before first using your outdoor furniture and then at regular intervals.
  • Please ensure wood treatment is applied before and after any period in storage.
  • It is vital to coat all surfaces, including hidden surfaces of the timber furniture by applying a recommended wood treatment. Please follow instructions on the product you have chosen.


To treat your timber furniture and outdoor settings with an oil treatment, follow these easy instructions:

  1. Using a wet cloth or a hose, clean your outdoor timber furniture to remove and dirt, cobwebs or other grime.
  2. Mix a bucket of water with a general outdoor timber furniture cleaner. Use this solution to scrub down your furniture. 
  3. If your timber furniture or outdoor setting has a build up of old treatment areas, or the finish has changed colour, a light sanding will restore the timber to its original condition.
  4. After cleaning and scrubbing away any loose dirt or weathered wood areas, apply an outdoor furniture oil. Cover your patio furniture with oil using a paint brush and allow it to soak up over a period of 10-20 minutes. 
  5. Using a small paintbrush, oil can or spray bottle, oil the nooks and tight spaces of your outdoor furniture to ensure your entire product is treated and remains moisture free. 
  6. Its recommended to allow at least a few hours before using the timber furniture, to guarantee the oil has been completely absorbed by the timber. Timber oil can leave stains on clothing if not completely dry and absorbed by your furniture. 
  7. Try to treat your outdoor furniture or outdoor setting every 3-6 months to ensure a maximum lifespan. 


By following these instructions and taking good care of your outdoor furniture, you and your family will enjoy your products for the long term.